Welcome, intrigued BL Ochman readers

I post mostly in Spanish, but I’ll give you a quick overview for your english-as-a-second-language pleasure.

I’m an average guy, born in Córdoba, Argentina and living in Mexico City (I’ve just bought an apartment, so this means I’m staying for a while). I live with Barbara Anderson, she’s editor of the leading business magazine in Mx, part of the Time, Inc. empire. She’s hot, and I totally love her.

I love «the divine intercourse of technology and communication» and I’ve been working on that intersection (better, but boring word) for years now. Social Networking is one of my primary interests and I enjoy connecting with people all over the world (having access to multiple worldviews is WAY better than trying to force mine down someone’s throat).

You already know I’m bad at design. I sometimes code, just to slow down rust buildup. Here’s my resume/bio, here’s my Facebook profile, here I am in Twitter and LinkedIn. Add me, BL says I’m a good guy (but you should get a second opinion).

Yeah, and I love parentheses, don’t you?