Resume for a prospective boss

Well, this one got outdated. I’m my own boss now, and you can find about me here:

I’ve partnered with three brilliant friends to start Area6 Comunicación, a full-service advertising agency. Get in touch with us if you need to rock Mexico and make the mexican market fall in love with you.

The rest of the resume is left here for historic and reference purposes.

WARNING: below this, most of it has changed. Please replace every «do» with a «did». Except in tastes and personal stuff. I’m still the same, I think.

Warning – Spoiler: I tend to be a little bit enthusiastic about myself, and this is how I’d like you to see me, so from now on you can expect a lot of hype and capital «i»s. But there’s a surprise lurking at the end of this, keep reading!

If you hate parentheses, you’re doomed (and the HR version of the resume will land here soon whatever).

If you already went through all the rambling and just want to contact me: andres[(at)]

Hi, I’m Andrés Bianciotto. I’m 29 30 and I’m happy. Really, blissfully happy.

What I do

I manage Grey Interactive Mexico and love what I do. I crush the spirits of a bunch o’ really nice folks everyday. I take the credit for building great websites and interactive communications campaigns. I tend to ignore buzzwords, so you’ll never hear of «devising strategies», «enabling interactions», «facilitating change» from me. I find easier and better to get things done than to get them named.

I get up every morning and take a shower. Trust me on this one. After that, I set my sights on acquiring new clients, keeping the actual ones happy and profitable, and learning something new anytime I can. All this while crushing the spirits of my dear team.

I take care of keeping costs at bay, employees working at a steady pace, driving projects to completion and reporting like you would love to have your people do it.

I also run Grey Direct Mexico, started this year. I’m in charge of nationwide direct mail campaigns. So far I love this, and I think it’ll get better.

What I’m good for

Everything. I can learn quickly. I can speak about lots of things as if I know what I’m talking about. I make friends easily without resorting to bribery. I can be fun, firm AND ruthless in sequence.

I can run a business as complex as two advertising agency units, or as simple (wink) as a big bank Internet department (ok, I didn’t run it, I was #2. That means I ran it without getting enough credit).

I love technology, specially when it enables new / better / faster / richer communication channels. I understand technology, and enjoy keeping myself updated.

I can fix my own car. I like to work with my hands. I own a Dremel tool and apply it to pieces of wood, with varying results. I can’t dance, although I really try. I feel comfortable outdoors and indoors, downtown or in the smallest town. I was a boy scout, but I’m not big on uniforms.

I can live abroad, far, far away from my family and hometown and enjoy it like hell. I can go all the way through Mexico City and never get lost (hey! have you ever visited Mexico? that should mean something). I can eat crickets, but only in Oaxaca.

Been there, done that

I took a company and straightened it towards profitability. I cut losses, landed projects and clients, hired talented, inspired people, and drove the revenue up.

I planned, implemented and operated digital communications campaigns for Santander Serfin, the #3 bank in Mexico, where I worked at for a brief period. I lead the Vignette CMS and Pivotal CRM implementation and deployment while doing it.

After that, here at Grey I’m doing the same thing for major brands and companies: Gerber, Volkswagen, SEAT, Santander Serfin Bank itself (after leaving I kept them as clients), Procter & Gamble, The Walt Disney Company, Harvard Business Review, and many smaller outfits.

This time there isn’t any Vignette to deploy, but we implemented Interwoven TeamSite for Gerber, in a breathtaking 3 months project.

I’ve built websites, portals, applications, pages, even server computers for my absolute delight during the almost 4 years I worked at e-volution. They brought me to Mexico.

During the dotcom boom in Argentina, circa 1999, I’ve brought to life the ideas and crazy promises of salesmen and gurus, helping them to keep their names and houses. It was a painful, caffeine-driven time I loved very much.

I worked for incubator/VC fund LatinLab. I evaluated projects for incubation, provided consulting for startups, designed the underlying technology, programmed the software and maintained the platform until… you know.

I’ve learned to program many web languages (Java, Perl, PHP, et cetera)on my own. I use naturally various SQL database engines, like Oracle,MySql, PostgreSql, MS-Sql, et cetera. Girls seem not to pay muchattention to this.

I’ve been working since I was 16, I’ve done many, many different things. I sold spring break group tours for high school students. I sold English language courses. I supervised marketing campaigns for Microsoft Corp. Argentina. At 22, I partnered with a friend to form a company. I lost that friend.

Not all THAT perfect, though

I made mistakes, y’know. I learned from them. I’m here now, right?

Maybe I’ll make a few more, but I’ll do my best to make fewer and newer mistakes from now on.

What I like

Reading, I can’t avoid reading anything and everything I can get my hands on. I love paragliding. And learning to play golf. Driving fast cars. Fishing. Spicy food. Travelling. Writing. Discussing deep philosophy matters with my best friend. I like to cook, but I’m responsible and Domino’s is in my speed dial.

I’ve built and deployed two blog hosting communities: and I collaborate with pLog, the open source software that runs behind the communities, writing some plugins and additions.

Ego boost: I know there are very few «Andrés Bianciotto» on the web, but it’s nice to know that Google says I’m the most popular.

Who I am

I’m Andrés, remember? I was born in Córdoba, Argentina on Nov 26, 1975 (didn’t I tell you I’m 29 30?). I’ve lived with my fiancee Bárbara since a year and a half ago, and she’s the main cause of all my happiness.

I’ve been living in Mexico City for the last 3 years and a half, and I’m enjoying it all the time.

I started working in the IT industry while attending high school (selling Acer and clone PCs). After a year, when it was time to choose my career, I discarded Computer Science for Business School, becoming a full-fledged Accountant (at that time in Argentina it was the career that would land you a management position the soonest).

So it was kind of a rational decision, Internet didn’t exist back then, and IT didn’t have all the glamour it later had. I wanted to keep working on my hobby-passion, while preparing to run businesses «just in case».

Parting words

If all this makes sense, you can contact me by writing to andres[(at)] If not, write anyway. I’ll try to correct the personality traits you don’t like, or (much likely) I’ll just delete your email with a huge grin.

And the surprise? Grasshopper, if you kept reading until here, your patience is ready to leave the temple.