Cruzando fronteras del lenguaje

Experimento: agregar a cada post un abstract en inglés, para facilitarle las cosas a los angloparlantes que pasen por este site.

Excusa: una chica muy inteligente de NY me dijo que se suscribiría a mi feed, y me hizo pensar que debe haber alguien más que lo haga.

Resultado: ahora cada post tiene un resumen in inglish en (más). Sale el post completo en el feed, nadie desconcertado, todos felices. Like it? Lo único que queda por ver es si Google y sus amigos pescan esto.

Crossing language borders

I’m adding an abstract in English for every post I write. Because the smartest lady in NY told me she’d read ‘em (yup, I’m THAT easy 😉 ), and I think there may be some more masochists around.

Let’s see if that results in some Google juice too.

5 thoughts on Cruzando fronteras del lenguaje

  1. wouldn’t «una chica muy inteligente» be «a very smart chick» and not «the smartest chick in new york?»
    Interesting to see if either of us get any Google juice from your experiment.

    I can live on a good compliment for a month.

  2. But my English isn’t all that good to fully translate every post (and my schedule would complain), so I rather provide an abstract while trying to explain myself a little.

    That’s why I chose the -I think- most appropriate «compliment» according to the intended audience.

    The «masochists» part isn’t an exact translation either, but it’s pretty accurate if you ask me 😉

  3. Hey there, LadyTurtle, I’d love to learn German, but I want to try Portuguese first. Once I’m done, maybe German’s next 🙂

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